Pour Some Sugar on Me

IMG_3458It’s New England and it’s a beautiful 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Central Massachusetts. People are wishing it wasn’t Tuesday and that they could curl up under a blanket with a good book and some hot beverage to sip on. Okay that is what I wish I was doing and not sitting in front of my computer working on a little social networking. I’ll get back to my blanket shortly.

Like I said it’s New England and for those of us who call this place home, we know that the weather changes faster than the Patriots being New England’s sweethearts to the losers who didn’t take us to the Super Bowl this year. With this in mind it’s getting very close to Sugaring season here in the Northeast. This means Cute Fan Girl needs to get her Maple Sugar order in with her local Sugar Shack.

Occasional Creek Maple in Belchertown, Massachusetts just opened their Fourth Annual Maple Syrup Pre-Sale. This always gets us excited at my house. We place our orders and help coordinate pick-up for friends and family once the boiling starts. Most of all, we usually make a point to visit. This allows the kids(oh, and me too) to learn about the process and understand where their food comes from.  Even Loki who doesn’t like syrup on anything. While we’re there we get to see any new improvements that Patrick (the owner) has made to  this operations. Which is always a little exciting since it’s kind of like going to MacGyver’s workshop.

Okay, enough said. Head over to their site. Order some Maple Syrup. Get up under your blanket and get back to that book.


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